Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Depraved Indifference of Jean-Paul Carteron in Dakhla, Western Sahara

With Jean-Paul Carteron’s “Welcome to Dakhla” message on the Crans Montana Forum website this morning, it is apparent that he is ignoring the wishes of the people of Western Sahara to cancel his forum and is attempting to go ahead with his events in the illegally occupied non-self-governing territory of Western Sahara. His welcome reads:

It will be very interesting to learn the names all these illustrious participants, who likewise have ignored the wishes of the Western Saharans, have chosen to spit in the faces of the indigenous Sahrawis of Western Sahara, and undoubtedly will have hell to pay. I will continue to monitor the proceedings at the Forum in Dakhla. This post is just a reminder to all these participants that Jean-Paul Carteron, their host in Dakhla, is hardly a humanitarian “committed to a more humane and impartial world.” I admit to spending way too many hours researching the background of this guy. He is not transparent and as I have stated before there is precious little out there about him. Just in case you didn’t follow the link to Robert Eringer’s bio of Carteron in my January 16 blog article, here is the excerpt on Carteron from Eringer’s book, The Spymaster of Monte Carlo, with the kind permission of the author. Given all I know about Carteron’s depraved indifference to the wishes and the plight of the Western Saharans, everything below rings true:


As a young man with a law degree from the University of Paris, Carteron tried to break into French politics but could not find support and lost several elections.                    
Perhaps disillusioned with the system, he left France in 1981 and went to work as a lawyer for Jean-Claude “Papa Doc” Duvalier of Haiti and wound up looking after Papa Doc’s huge fortune.  
When Papa Doc died, Carteron carried on with Baby Doc Duvalier, for whom he facilitated real estate deals along the Cote d’Azur and in Monaco. 
The Duvalier regime was brutal, murderous and corrupt--and the beginning of Carteron’s own financial base.  
As Haiti’s ambassador to the UN in 1985, Carteron took the opportunity to forge strong links with Eastern European countries, and utilized those contacts as the basis for creating the Crans Montana Forum in Switzerland in 1989.  
Carteron was a Swiss national on the basis of his first marriage to a Swiss national, Patricia Luyet, who apparently ran off with Carteron’s mistress.
Only after bloodying his hands with the Duvaliers and enriching himself did Carteron portray himself as a “humanitarian.”  
The forum endeavored to provide respectability for brutal, corrupt regimes in Africa, from which Carteron personally profited.  
One notable example is Congolese President Sassou N’Guesso’s six hundred thousand Swiss-franc “contribution” to the forum, part of which benefited Carteron personally.
By 1996, the Swiss became disenchanted with Carteron and requested he move his forum elsewhere.  
They suspected him of money laundering, and his forum gave them logistical headaches due to its dubious participants, many of which had to be kept under surveillance while in country.  
Expelled from Switzerland, Carteron chose Monaco as a new base and received permission from Prince Rainier to create a Monaco S.A.M. and stage his forum inside the principality. 
Carteron began to call his private entity the Monaco World Summit.  
Leaders of other countries invited to participate for a fee were given the impression, because of its name, that the summit was an official Monaco event or at least sponsored or sanctioned by Monaco, which it was not.
Once he institutionalized his summit in Monaco, Carteron began to establish himself as a professional middleman. 
His specialty:  brokering honorary consulships to Monaco from Eastern European and Balkan countries.  
His standard rate to get someone named as honorary consul to Monaco:  fifty thousand euros or, in some cases, an expensive Breguet wristwatch.

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